H. A. Flores & Associates Inc.
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Customers, Recent Projects and Testimonials


Partial customer list:


  • Ball State University
  • Ivy Tech
  • Visteon
  • The largest pharmaceutical company based in Indianapolis
  • Cook Pharmica, LLC
  • Monroe Hospital
  • Wilhelm Construction
  • Grand Victoria Casino and Resort
  • AIRvan, Inc.


Past Projects

  • Administrative services to support capital projects for a pharma company based in Indianapolis
  • Partnership with Ball State University and Ivy Tech to staff juvenile correctional school in southern Indiana with teachers and substitute teachers
  • Partnership with Allied Service Providers of Indiana (ASPIN) to deliver Certified Recovery Specialist training, seminars and webinars
  • Provided management training to Grand Victoria Casino and Resort (now Rising Star)
  • Created over 200 computer based training (CBT) courses and over 50 on-job training (OJT) courses for a pharma company based in Indianapolis.


Dear H. A. Flores & Associates, Inc.,

Thank you for HA Flores' extensive knowledge of and experience with PR&D QS support, [and] demonstrated performance.


Indianapolis pharma company


Dear HAF Team,

Thank you for being part of our team. HAF works like we work, does what we do and cares like we care. Great job.


Indianapolis pharma company